July 26, 2015 by Kim Finley

Dear Home Seller, I know you love your home.  I know you raised your kids here, made cupcakes here, played ball with your son here, learned how to install ceiling fans and dishwashers here.  But, you decided it’s time to go.


Let go already.

You are going to have to un-personalize your home to sell it.  It is awful and it is a pain in the butt and it is true. Don’t hate the player (aka your realtor), hate the game.  Because the game is selling your home, my friend.

I feel your angst, I do.  I once had to sell a house that I built; there was so much of me in this home that I was broken-hearted hearing that my sunny yellow kitchen was not appealing to buyers, and that some prospective buyers thought my master bedroom was too small.  Were they CRAZY?  Did they not see the awesomeness that was my home?  But it was time for me to move on, and so I had to deal with the business part of home-ownership.  And so do you.

The hardest thing for the owner of a home that is much loved is to see it as merely an asset.  

As something to be picked apart by strangers, maybe even mocked.  That paint color that you chose with such care?  That buyer may hate it.  That bathroom remodel that you spent so much money on and months planning out?  They may hate that too.  It stinks but it is true.  Buyers hardly EVER like what the previous homeowner has done.  And it has less to do with your choices than you think.

Remember, they don’t know you, it is NOT personal for them at all, it’s not a home.  For them it is just a house.  And they may have seen several by the time they get to yours. You did this once too.  You remember that feeling?  Now you are not the potential Buyer, you are the HOME SELLER, and you mean business.  Right?  Right.

What they are doing is trying to project an image of themselves living in what is currently YOUR space.  And that is intimidating, especially for first time buyers.  Part of that mental re-painting and remodeling they are doing is just trying to see it as their own.

And you want that, right?  RIGHT.  You WANT to sell this home, you want that bigger home with the granite and extra bedroom.  You WANT to downsize and spend less time on yard-work.  Remember?  This is a good thing!

So when your realtor tells you to paint that red room a neutral color, take down the giant gallery of your kid’s photos, keep the pet hair vacuumed up daily, weed your flowerbeds, and fix that loose drainpipe, she is not doing it to torture you.  Your realtor actually has your best interests in mind.  And that is helping you attain the highest selling price possible for your home.  

Your realtor takes that very seriously.

Try not to take it personally when your Professional Home Stager changes all your furniture around, or when your realtor insists that you take everything off the kitchen counters.  Part of our job is to help you see your house as an asset (which it is) and the buyers to see it as a home.

Don’t worry, we will help you find your next home too, and you will love it just as much.  I promise.

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